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You Know Your Bible Camp Prank Has Gone Horribly Wrong When a Hazmat Team Has Been Called

There’s nothing like orchestrating some good ole fashioned, harmless mischief while spending a week with some church friends at a summer Bible camp. Unfortunately, youth groupers in Maryland recently learned more than just Bible lessons while at Camp Wo-Me-To. They also learned that mixing a particularly potent brand of fart spray with rodent repellant is not a good idea. The toxic concoction was hidden in a cabin’s air conditioning duct, where it blasted a group of unsuspecting Bible campers, sending six to the hospital with respiratory problems.

A hazmat team was then called to decontaminate the rest of the campers and to attempt to ventilate the cabins. Thankfully, all six of the hospitalized youth groupers were later released. When a product has Amazon reviews like this one, they should have known they were playing a dangerous game with the fart spray: “For some reason I thought this would be the funniest prank ever. Problem is, I can’t even touch the bottles! The bottles themselves smell SO bad, it gets on your fingers and anything else it comes in contact with. The smell is pretty putrid, I can’t even describe it” …

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