By now you’ve likely seen the Instagram account @preachersnsneakers.

The profile features images of famous pastors alongside screenshots of online stores that show how much their designer kicks cost.

Well, the Potter’s House pastor TD Jakes made his debut on the feed, and wow, even by PreachersNSneakers standards, he made a bold choice. Appearing alongside Steven Furtick (a favorite of the feed), Jakes is wearing what appear to be Christian Louboutin “Spike Socks.” Price tag? $1,295.

Seriously, these things make Jordans look like a pair of Sketchers. At the same time, we’re not even sure if they’re that fashionable or appealing. Why are all these expensive sneakers so dang goofy? Color these black, and they wouldn’t be too out of place at Hot Topic, give or take a thousand dollars.