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The Afghanistan Hunger Crisis Is a Full Blown Catastrophe

The United Nations has deemed the hunger situation in Afghanistan to be a “food insecurity and malnutrition crisis of unparalleled proportions” and experts caution that time is running out for one of the largest and most under-reported humanitarian disasters of our era. While most of the world has been understandably transfixed by the going invasion of Ukraine, aid workers in Afghanistan are grappling with a need beyond many people’s ability to comprehend.

Since January of 2022, an estimated 13,000 Afghan infants have died of hunger-related diseases like malnutrition. An estimated 95 percent of Afghan people are food insecure, with 3.5 million children who lack nutritional support,

The Human Rights Watch reports that humanitarian aid flowing in from other countries lags far behind the actual need, and the collapse of the nation’s banking system in light of wariness around sanctions is leaving millions with no recourse. Donors are concerned about their financial aid going to bolster the efforts of the Taliban rule, so very little aid is flowing into the nation right now, and that situation shows little sign of changing.

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Organizations like World Vision are on the ground in Afghanistan providing resources to children and families. They’re doing what they can, but they could always use more help.

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