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Moving On

You have heard the old saying, that the only thing constant about life is change. Change, change and more change. Or for better use of words, let us use the word transition. Transition—it’s the inevitable situations that we find ourselves in on a constant basis. It may be friends, family members, professions, houses, cars and even new hairstyles, we find ourselves facing change. However, it’s not a bad thing, as long as we learn how to handle our transitions.

For many of us, we find ourselves in the midst of wanting something different in our lives. Whether it’s new relationships, jobs, environment or even just a new style, we see it every day. Our society has shown us through a myriad of television shows that people are looking for change. People are swapping families, getting makeovers and changing jobs all in the name of transition.

Now transition can sometimes be a rocky ocean to maneuver through. Recently, I have found myself in the exact, precarious position. I have moved from a small town located in the mountains of North Carolina, to the large metropolis of our glorious capital, the District of Columbia. And you know what? It’s like taking a minnow and putting him in the ocean.

Now understand, there has been months, even years of preparation, of getting here. For months before, I had been looking for a job, housing and already began to establish new relationships. I had brought closure to some older relationships and was pointing my heart to the new area that I would call home. Focus was the game for me. I was adamant about my change. However, I found that it wasn’t exactly that easy.

You see, I had found myself comfortable in the place in which I was. I knew everyone. I had built some pretty strong relationships and had established myself as a businessman in the area. I felt the tug-of-war in my soul between a yearning to stay and the fear and excitement of leaving. The closer and closer I got to the date of leaving, I began to find myself becoming more and more comfortable about staying. However, I also found inwardly that there was more and more of a desire to leave.

It was an exciting thought. Starting over. Starting fresh. Getting to know new people. Exploring a new world. In my mind, I made the decision to continue on with my plans. So as I began to close relationships, I found out that opportunities were arising for me in the new area. It was time to scream Carpe Diem! Yep, seize the day.

Finally, after years of pondering, I finally made it to my destination. I found myself lost in a city where life is fast-paced. It was my first time really being alone in a foreign place. Sure, I left home and went to college, but that was a protected environment. This was different. There was a sense of bewilderment as well as a feeling of being overwhelmed. However, I did learn these few things and hopefully these can apply to any transitional situation you face in the near future.

– Stay Calm—always stay calm. Keep your head about you, relax, breathe. Everything is alright.

– Keep your focus. Move towards your intended goal. So many times we can lose focus on the big picture by looking at distractions or negative situations. Keep moving, and focus your energy on accomplishing all you set yourself out to do.

– Letting go—we all have to let go sometime. In my case it was letting go of what I knew in order to come into what I wanted. It has been a welcomed change. And realizing that those things in the past are there to stay. They cannot be changed, but I can move on.

– Learn from your situation. This is a significant area. Often times, we want to get frustrated when we just need to understand that each situation is a learning situation. Learning to react in the right sort of manner makes the world of difference. Negative feelings only perpetuate more negativity. While, stopping to access each situation only brings clarity and the best solution for everyone involved.

– Get involved. Never isolate yourself, get involved in things you like to do. Volunteer. Go out with co-workers, friends, new acquaintances, etc, you get the picture. Stay busy.

– Always stay positive. Every day is a good day, whether rain or sunshine.

– Seek to build new relationships. It important to build new relationships that are strong, and with people who are like-minded as you. You will soon discover that you have something to add to their lives, and will find the excitement and pleasure in meeting some new and fun people.

Lastly, continue trusting in God’s plan. He will keep you and guide you by through any transition in life!


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