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Go Retro Baby!

Go Retro Baby!

When most people think of retro clothes, old thrift stores or smelly garments from their grandparent’s closet comes to mind. However, finding and buying fashionable retro clothing in great condition is easier than ever, thanks to retro clothing stores and websites.

Buying the latest fashions that are thrown up on mannequins at your local department store is easy when attempting to stay fashionable. Far more exciting, though, is to search and find your own used clothes and create your own trendy look. There is a challenge in finding that one unique piece that no one else owns. That one piece of clothing that is truly “you” and one you are guaranteed to not find anyone else wearing. It takes far more style to find used clothing that is fashionable and to make it work than it is to simply buy the latest trendy looks.

If you are trying to be up to date with your look, then check out the latest trends in the fashion magazines and go on a search to find a retro piece that matches that trend. Better yet, it will be more unique than the trend itself. The adventure you have finding that piece makes the clothing even more rewarding to wear.

If you are trying to buck the trendy scene altogether, then buying used and retro clothing is perfect for you. You can find all kinds of designs that are “one of a kind” and designs that fit your personality. There is a plethora to choose from. You just have to do your homework on the best places to buy, and also not to get ripped off. No one should be charging astronomical prices for retro clothing, unless it has a famous brand name and is in excellent condition.

Does this idea of shopping seem overwhelming to you? For those who just want to spice up their wardrobe with the latest trends, do your own study on what’s hot, and what else—hit the thrift stores. Find the coolest thrift stores in your area and dig in. Don’t be overwhelmed by all of the racks and racks of clothes, but instead see it as a treasure hunt. You will find that you will come away with some very unique pieces and the thrill of the hunt is also the best part.

So you don’t want to leave your house on this shopping adventure? Thankfully the Internet holds all that you need to shop for used clothing. There are thousands of retro clothing websites, where you can find amazing pieces, in every genre and decade. But buyers beware! Be careful to fully read the description for any problems with the piece that you know you will not be able to repair. Websites are perfect because they categorize their clothing, which helps if you were looking for say, a ’50s dress.

Finding, buying and wearing retro clothing can be an exciting experience, and you will feel pride when you hear everyone asking, “Hey where did you get that?” and you won’t have to say, “The Gap!” There will always be a great story behind each piece of clothing!

Here are some websites I recommend visiting for some great retro clothing:

For history on clothing trends by decade and great reproductions check out:

Some other favorites:


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