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What To Do With Nothing

What To Do With Nothing

Have you ever gotten together with all your friends, and somehow ended up with no plans? Well, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. It happens to the best of us. Even yours truly. Since this happens to everyone, it’s good to have a plan of what to do when there is nothing to do. So here’s a short list of activities that are guaranteed fun:

Old Board Games

Yahtzee, Clue, Twister, Candyland, Operation and Checkers rule. When you were little, your social skills were nearly nonexistent, so these games filled that void. Now they are twice as fun because you can talk and play. Plus, you may have forgotten most of the rules by now. Half the fun is remastering rules you easily followed before losing your baby teeth.

Dance Competition

All you need for this one is a lot of floor space, a strong music library and a little creativity. It’s best to choose songs that no one would usually dance to, but are still fast-paced enough. And forget traditional dancing. The more interpretive and thematic the dance, the better. For example, I danced to U2’s “I Will Follow,” and my theme was “revolution.”


Now I’m guessing that most of the readers for this website aren’t the type to go cruising with tricked-out cars. So why not try it? Proudly load up your non-awesome car with friends, blare something ridiculous like Miles Davis or The Bee Gees and hit that cruising road in your town (every town’s got one). You’ll want to yell back to all the legitimate cruisers as much as possible. Warning: There is the possibility of getting beat up by people who are cruising for real. They may not like being mocked, so stay in the car at all times.

Bad Movie Night

When no good movies are coming out, you and your friends should celebrate Hollywood’s failures. Go to the video store and pick out the absolute worst-looking movies you can find. Then go back to a house, pop the corn and laugh your faces off. A film that totally rules for this is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first film, Hercules in New York (1970). My favorite part is when Hercules fights a man in a bear suit in Central Park (it’s supposed to be a real bear).

Air Pellet Guns

In the country or in the city, no place is inappropriate for an air pellet gun war. You can get the guns and yellow pellets for way cheap at Wal-Mart. Either break into teams or, if you have an uneven number, play a themed game like “Protect the President.” The best part of this activity is the fact that these pellets actually hurt. They don’t break the skin, but you might have some bruises later. So that raises the stakes a little, doesn’t it? Note: Goggles are a must.


If you’re not into hurting each other, here’s an activity that everyone can enjoy. In the arts and crafts section of Wal-Mart, there are little canvases and sets of paint. Get your primary colors and a little canvas for each person. Then go back to a house and paint away! You’ll be amazed at how good some works of art turn out. Then hang them in your place somewhere as a memory of the fun.

Now that I’ve given you a short list of things to do when there is nothing to do, I never want to hear anyone say, “I’m so bored! What can we do?” again. Have a good time!

*Editor’s Note: We are not responsible for any injuries that may incur during your participation of these aforementioned activities.

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