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What We’ve Learned from Community

So what if it’s fictional? We’re still looking for applications to Greendale Community College, the “respected” institution attended by the lovable misfits of the hit show Community. Here are the greatest lessons we’ve learned from Señor Chang’s Spanish study group. Go Human Beings!

  • Hippies are a necessary evil of any campus, but are generally friendly.
  • Chicken fingers are the only sure thing at the cafeteria.
  • Pottery, billiards, film, sailing—don’t be deceived. The “easy A” classes aren’t always so easy.
  • There is no sacrifice too great for priority registration.
  • Everyone else is as nervous as you are. They’re just better—or worse—at hiding it.
  • Dating is … complicated.
  • If you go back to school, nobody will even remember your fraudulent law career.
  • Geometry homework can double as inspiration for memorable facial hair.
  • Finding a family in college isn’t impossible. It can happen—even if orientation is the most terrifying thing ever.

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