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Getting Bigger

Getting Bigger

I can’t stand hearing people say things like, “Oh, you’re gaining weight because you’re married,” or “It’s just baby weight.” I am a man. How the heck can I gain baby weight? As if I needed more excuses to get fatter. I say fatter instead of fat because I am not looking to be ripped and chiseled with an eight pack and giant biceps of steel. I would just like to do 10 sit ups without wheezing or run around the block without passing out. So fat is fine if I have healthy lungs, a strong heart and I am in some kind of shape.

The truth is my marriage has nothing to do with me getting bigger. I maintained my 33 inch waist for the first year of marriage no problem. My success would be attributed to working out four times a week. Now I have a 35 inch waist on the threshold of a 36, and my emotional status is on the verge of taking a nose dive into the depths of self-pity and loathing.

My wife doesn’t seem to help either; all I hear from her is, “You look great” and, “I love your body.” It’s like I really need to hear new justifications for eating an extra donut. I need to hear, “You are a fat pig” and “Get your butt up and go to the gym.” Of course my wife would never say that, but after we talked about it she challenged me to come up with a plan and write down some goals to losing a little weight. I have been a wrestling coach, personal trainer and worked at a gym for a couple of years, and I have learned one thing about working out: It’s not the workout and diet plan that changes you the most, it’s the fact that you actually stick to the plan and do it.

Nevertheless, I am going to lay down some tips on getting back into shape.

Play a sport at least once a week – This is a great way to get into shape and actually enjoy what you are doing. So often we get stuck to a treadmill and end up loathing the time spent on it. I’d rather chase a ball or a Frisbee around for a couple of hours rather than run in place for twenty minutes.

Set up a routine – With out a constant routine, working out can be hit and miss. If you set up constant times of working out, you will eventually begin to look forward to these times and your chances of working out become greater.

Find a good partner – Emphasis on “good.” Faithfulness is not just for Jesus or marriage, it’s also important in a work out partner. I have had partners that pushed me for a month, but the best partners are the ones that are willing to stick with the plans for years. One month of working out gets you nowhere.

Do what you like – If you like swimming, then swim, or if you like lifting weights, then lift weights. Do something you can stick with for the long term

Stay away from injuries – There are many exercises and sports that are more likely to hurt you. Protect yourself from overdoing it. Remember you want to be able to walk when you’re 50 and you want to be able to pick up your children and grandchildren.

Eat healthy – You can spend money on diet plans or just cut calories, fat and sugar. It’s actually pretty simple. I’d consult with a physician if you have serious weight issues.

Drink Water – Loads and loads of water.

Be spontaneous – If you work in an office all day, drop down and do some sit-ups at random times or help somebody carry something to their car.

The key is to make this a lifestyle change. My next step is to write down my goals and stick to them. I also have a punishment for myself if I don’t do it, and no it’s not bigger love handles, it’s mopping the floor for a month. I know if I do it things will change. We shall see if I have that beautiful beach body I have always wanted by next summer, or at the very least be able to chase my son around without losing my breath.

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