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Butterfly in Brazil | Glenn Packiam

Butterfly in Brazil: How Your Life Can Make a World of Difference
By Glenn Packiam

“One step at a time” seems to be the theme of Glenn Packiam’s book, Butterfly in Brazil. A great reminder of God’s best using our small acts of faithfulness and love, it serves as a testimony to living in the present, and not simply waiting on future greatness to come our way. If we realize that being part of something bigger than ourselves doesn’t necessarily mean getting big in terms of fame or success, then we will be able to allow God to move through us. Packiam, a member of Desperation Band, is an encouragement to those who need to be reminded that God is in the small things just as much as He is in the big things—and sometimes even more.

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Discuss with your small group, the main points outlined by Packiam to discover that change is small, local, gradual, and costly.

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