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Viral Jesus

Viral Jesus

So… The more I think about blogs and look at other people’s blogs… the more I realize two basic things.
1. I’m terrible at blog small talk.
2. I write REALLY write like I talk—random, lots of thought breaks and stuff… [this is a perfect example!]

Viral Jesus—what is it?

Viral Jesus is a mentality, or mindset. It is the understanding that Jesus’ message is spread person to person, not thru institutions. The realization that we are each an agent of change for The Kingdom of God– commissioned to redeem the world one act of compassion at a time, and by doing so changing our world– and ourselves.

Haven’t we grown so reliant upon our institutions to do the work of The Kingdom? We have even adjusted the basic terminology…Jesus used to talk about The Kingdom of God, and somehow we have translated this big picture as The Church. Even this slight moving of terminology points to the underlying issue: We have taken a message that was intended to be very relational, very viral, and slowly buried in the rubble of institutionalism.

The Kingdom of God is designed to spread just like viral content on the Internet –person to person. Passed just like a cold or common virus. If you meet me I will pass this thing I carry inside me on to you in one way or another. If you sit in the car with me you will be exposed at one point or another to what I have inside me.

Some people are gonna freak out that I compare Jesus to a cold or disease. This is not a denigrating statement. It’s not the disease that’s the focus here. [In fact, early persecutors make this viral reference to Christianity’s spread] It’s the method of passing—heck—God designed the method. So don’t throw rocks in this direction bro.

The bottom line is this—If we as people of faith dedicated ourselves to reflecting Jesus through our actions, and stopped trying to conquer the world for Jesus through our programs, people may just have the opportunity to witness what Jesus message really is. …without attending the 9am traditional, or 10:30 contemporary services.

Will we return to the viral mindset of Jesus? Making disciples through acts of love and compassion. Making disciples through loving the least. Making disciples by loving the people in front of us, instead of scurrying off to another program so we can ‘save our neighbors’?

Yeah…I’m frustrated. I love The Church. I love The Kingdom of God. I want it to be what it was designed to be. So maybe I should be frustrated. Maybe you should be too. Maybe God is frustrated…and maybe…just maybe…. He’s pushing us to come back to the way this whole thing was wired to be.

The Kingdom of God is a viral group of people spreading Love and compassion wherever they go, and through doing so –changing the world, and themselves, one act of love at a time. That’s unstoppable. That’s Viral Jesus.

More on this topic to come. I welcome your comments. This is one slice of an ongoing conversation I want to start here on Kingdom growth [use of word intentional..haha] .

Cuz…I’m just warmin’ up!

Warned you I was terrible at small talk.


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