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Financial Crisis Fuels Church Attendance

A USA Today story highlights the impact that the drop on Wall Street has had on downtown churches. “As financial workers suffer through tumultuous times on Wall Street, some are turning to an old source of solace: religion. Religious leaders said attendance was up at lunchtime meetings in New York’s financial district last week, with many more people in business attire than usual.”

That is hardly surprising, said Reverend Mark Bozzuti-Jones of Trinity Church Wall Street, given that people don’t know if their employers will survive from one day to the next. “The economic financial crisis is a reminder that we cannot put our faith in riches, that we cannot put our faith in money,” Bozzuti-Jones said in his sermon at lunchtime on Friday.

Has your church experienced added growth during this tough economical time? Are people in your church asking about the financial crisis and what it all means? If so, what’s your answer?

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