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Crisis Continues in Congo

World Vision reports that thousands of internally displaced people are fleeing the Kibumba region where rebels and the government’s military are fighting. World Vision’s offices are not far from the conflict and they report that more humanitarian intervention is greatly needed as these people are displaced by the internal conflict. However, providing that aid will be difficult unless there is some stability within the country.

“If the security situation remains stable, we expect to expand distributions this week,” says World Vision aid worker Michelle Rice. “The current ceasefire must be held by all sides if we are to respond to the humanitarian crisis here. Without some semblance of stability, relief efforts are extremely difficult.”

We are encouraing Neue readers to take some time to pray for this ongoing conflict in the Congo today. And, we’d like to pose this question to ministry leaders, “What can the church here do to help with the crisis in the Congo?” Share your thoughts.

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