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Women are the weaker sex…and stuff

Women are the weaker sex…and stuff

“Women are the weaker sex”.  I have heard it before in locker rooms and get togethers where men only are involved.  Surely it is meant to reassure themselves that they are important, but it has always struck me as quite ridiculous.  After being married for 12 years I can assure any of you that feel this way that is as crazy as believing jumping on a smaller grenade won’t hurt as bad (not that getting married is like jumping on a grenade). 

I have two reasons for my claim.

  1. Women have babies (and after seeing that process twice I am sure I would not have made it through even once)
  2. ”…God made a ‘helpmate’ suitable for him”…Who is stronger, the one who needs help or the one helping?

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I am not even close to a women’s lib/ feminist type.  I believe in everything manly and feel like camo should be added to all of life’s events to make them complete.  I value very much the traditional picture of marriage and the benefit that I have seen first hand when a marriage reflects this picture.  Somewhere along the line we have confused value and strength with God -given roles.  The leader is not the strongest because he leads…scripture is clear that the leader needs help…(see reason #2 for my claim).  Do you realize how much more strength it takes to support someone else’s mission than to just make up your own? 

It is no different in the church.  There is likely a Sr. Pastor who is called to layout the vision for your congregation. The ones who carry the burden of the “how to” part of the vision must be strong.  The team around the Sr. Pastor is as critical to the church as the Sr. Pastor.  The role of the operational team is not only important, it’s invaluable.  An imperfect message on Sunday morning can still contain perfect wisdom. An audit from the IRS when you haven’t followed proper money handling procedures can shut down a church.  The detail work of the operations team is almost always in support behind the scenes.  Find your strength in support of God’s vision.  Everyone should be supporting someone.  The body of Christ has many parts.  Go ask a Godly woman for some tips…tell her you need help.

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