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A Dad Asked For Birthday Wishes for His Bullied Son, and Twitter Responded in a Big Way

Twitter is almost entirely awful but every now and then, it does deliver something nice. This week, it delivered for Ollie, a boy who’s turning 9 years old. Ollie’s dad Christopher took to Twitter, asking for some positive affirmation for his son, who was being bullied by another boy.


It’s the sort of desperate tweet that could have just faded into the ether, but Twitter’s algorithm did its work and before you can say “ignore the haters,” Ollie was pulling in some birthday messages from some mighty high profile folks.

First came this BBC correspondent.

Then came this little soccer team you may have heard of, with a tempting offer.

Ricky Boleto is a big TV personality on the BBC across the pond.

And Jake Humphries is a famed sports broadcaster.

There were famous Olympians…

A whole village …

And even a certain Oscar winning actor.

It all added up to a pretty memorable birthday for Ollie, and prompted this heartfelt thanks from Ollie’s mom.




Oh, and on behalf of all of us here at RELEVANT, happy birthday, Ollie.


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