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Are You Surrounded by Psychopaths?

Psychopathy—which is, in its most basic definition, a lack of emotions—isn’t just something that serial killers have (although it’s a pretty common trait of serial killers). Psychopaths are, all around, just living normal lives and not really having much in the way of emotions. But there are some places where they’re easier to find than others, and Kevin Dutton has written a book called The Wisdom of Psychopaths to help you know where to look for them. Certain careers lend themselves to psychopathy, and Dutton’s made a handy side-by-side comparison of professions with the highest preponderance of psychopaths (CEO is number one) and professions with the lowest number (care aides). As the chart shows, psychopathy is technically a “disorder,” but it’s not necessarily a terrible thing. Certain jobs require quick, clinical decisions that aren’t encumbered by messy feelings. Of course, psychopaths are also drawn to jobs with authority, which is telling …

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