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Burger King Also Horsemeat King

After two weeks of assuring customers that there was absolutely, definitely no horse meat in any of its burgers, the Burger King company made an about-face and said there actually, probably are some trace amounts of horse meat in its burgers. It all started when a few grocery stores in the U.K. and Ireland started saying their tests showed there was horse in some of its beef products. The tainted beef was traced back to Silvercreft Foods, which supplies Burger King. This forced Burger King to assure customers that, surely, none of that horsemeat actually made it into its burgers. Recent tests, however, suggest that some burgers in the U.K. and Ireland had indeed been horse-i-fied, prompting Burger King to part ways with Silvercreft and apologize for feeding horses to its customers. “While the Food Safety Authority of Ireland has stated that this is not a food safety issue, we are deeply troubled by the findings,” said Diego Beamonte, Burger King’s vice president of global quality …

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