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A Case for Staying Drama-free: Stressful Relationships Linked to Early Death

A new study from the University of Copenhagen has found that dealing with stressful relationships is so bad for your health that it’s actually linked to early death. The researchers examined nearly 10,000 adults and found that those who had constant conflicts with their friends or partners doubled their risk of dying, and those who feuded with neighbors tripled it! (Data on reality TV show roommates was not available.)

A majority of the deaths were from cancer, but suicide, liver disease and accidents were also common. But, just because constant drama from friends and family members can be bad for your health, doesn’t mean you should try and lose those relationships all-together. Julianne Holt-Lunstad, a psychology researcher at Brigham Young University (who wasn’t directly involved in the study), told Reuters Health, “We know that social isolation is bad for us as well. They’re probably both bad and that’s why it might be important to foster the positive aspects rather than just focusing on cutting people out of your life” …

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