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Degrees of Difference

Most students going into grad school assume their experience will be more or less like their undergrad experience. Maybe it will be a little more challenging and there will be fewer dorm pranks, but it’s still just like a slightly more mature college experience, right?

Guess again. Graduate school is actually a very different animal, and the sooner you’re clear on the differences, the more equipped you’ll be to succeed.



You do a lot of work outside of class, but the classroom is the nucleus of your studies.


Your coursework is mostly there as a foundation for your own study beyond the classroom.

###Campuse Life


Your campus is your entire world. You may venture out, but you’re largely tethered to it.


You’re in the campus, but you’re not of it. One exception: the library.



Your education is more or less mapped out for you from your freshman year on.

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You’ll have a structure to your grad school career—but you’ll determine what it looks like.



Your professor is basically your boss.


Your professor is more like a mentor who can affirm your independent study.

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