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Crazy Study Can Tell What Your Facebook ‘Likes’ Say About You

Who knows why we like things on Facebook? A show of support? A desire to let the world know who we actually are or, at least, who we’d like to be perceived as? Boredom? Whatever the reason, a new study says your “likes” say far, far more about you than you probably want. Researchers were able to predict with a startling amount of accuracy participants’ personality traits based on what they’ve liked on Facebook, including their religion, emotional stability, intelligence and even whether or not they abuse drugs.

For example, people who “like” The Daily Show, Lord of the Rings, Curly Fries and a page called “Morgan Freeman’s Voice” are more likely to have a high IQ, whereas people who “like” Harley-Davidson, Lady Antebellum and a Facebook page called “I Love Being a Mom” are more likely to have a low one. People who “like” Jesus, Indiana Jones and Pride and Prejudice are likely to have a high degree of satisfaction with life, whereas people who “like” Stewie Griffin, iPods and the Gorillaz are more likely to have low satisfaction.

If you want to know more, they’ve created a website where they’ll analyze your Facebook to see what it says about you …

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