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Instagram Is Now Letting Users Request Verification

Instagram recently announced that any average person will be able to ask for public verification, meaning that now literally anyone could have the official blue checkmark next to their name.

For years, the sought-after blue checkmark has been very exclusive, signifying Instagram has certified the account as a genuine handle of a public figure—or at least a figure with enough of a following. This has produced a lot of influencer frustration across the social media platform due to a lack of transparency about how to actually become certified.

But no worries, because now you’ll be able to request verification by submitting a form with your government-issued photo ID. Easy enough. Not everyone who requests verification will receive a blue checkmark; it’s still reserved for “notable public figures, celebrities, global brands or entities it represents.” Instagram will be able to either confirm or deny their request.

What’s the big deal about being verified? Well, for a lot of small businesses and influencers, that little check can make a huge difference. The simple checkmark can lead to sponsorships, PR lists, straight-up cash and meaningful partnerships.

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(We’re filling out the form as we speak.)

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