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It’s Almost the 4th of July. Here’s a Video of Watermelon Exploding

Two things we love about the Fourth of July: exceptional picnic foods and sanctioned explosions (other people call these fireworks, but we prefer to gather our families in the backyard for the showcase of sanctioned explosions, thank you very much).

YouTuber David Ma has compiled a video of various Fourth of July staples, including hot dogs and potato salad and watermelon, rigged to explode. It’s incredible. The watermelon is, as expected, the star of this show, but we had no idea how much we wanted to see a couple franks combust atop a regular old charcoal grill.

Weird. We’re hungry after this. Scrape some leftover potato salad off the remains of the table and pass it our way?

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Oh, and don’t try this at home. That’s what we call an unsanctioned explosion.

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