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Let Us Strive to Be Like This Corgi Trying to Share a Bone With His Reflection

As Luke wrote in the Book of Acts, “It is better to give than to receive.” That is an easy thing to say, but a harder one to believe. Even if we grasp in our minds that it might be nicer to give than to receive, receiving still sounds like a lot more fun. Our thinking is backwards, however.

When we give generously, we reap a spirit of generosity, which is truly its own reward. We do not need to overly concern ourselves with who we’re giving to or why we’re giving to them—we just need to give, and lo and behold, we find ourselves receiving.

We are rather like a corgi that gives out of generosity of his beautiful soul, not entirely grasping that when he shares with others it is actually himself he is sharing with, but doing it just the same.

YA author Eric Smith took this video of his dog doing everything in his power to offer a treat to a fellow dog, but this video is also a lesson to the rest of us. When you give to others, you are like a corgi sharing a bone with his reflection in the mirror.

Words to live by.

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