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The McRib Is Made Out of Yoga Mats

Nobody is on the fence about McDonald’s being healthy. Nobody is defending it as being a conscientious option. No blog says, “actually, studies have shown that most McDonald’s food is really good for you.” Nobody has a friend that says, “Can we swing by McDonald’s? I’m counting calories,” unless they’re trying to count to a million. Even so, it’s a little surprising to find out that the McRib—the sauce swamped lump of play-doughy ribcage-shaped sponge-material that can be described as meat only in the sense that it’s brown and (sort of) edible—contains something called “zodicarbonamide, ammonium sulfate and polysorbate 80,” a bleaching agent most commonly used to make yoga mats. Maybe McDonald’s should run with that in their marketing. Yoga mats are probably the healthiest thing on the menu …

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