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Meet the Man Who Dresses Like a Giraffe to Perform Good Deeds

Armstrong Baillie is a 32-year-old Scottish man who dresses up like a giraffe to go perform good deeds. There’s really not a whole lot you can add to that sentence, because it’s pretty much perfect as it is. Baillie told The Courier that one day, he asked himself, “What would happen if I dressed up as a giraffe and went around doing good deeds?” Why nobody has asked that question before Baillie is a mystery for another day. He dresses like a giraffe to bring toys to the children’s hospital. He dresses like giraffe to bring hot coffee to college students. He dresses like a giraffe to walk around picking up litter. To say much more would ruin the singular beauty of this story, but you can read Baillie’s blog about the whole adventure here …

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