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Online Videos: You’ve Got Two Seconds to Load

So, how long do you wait for a video to load? A new study says people start dropping out if it takes any longer than 2 seconds to load, which isn’t a whole lot of time. The study said that 20% of viewers will have dropped out by the time it takes 5 seconds to load, which doesn’t sound that long. But, then again, it might be just long enough for you to realize that life is precious and, drop by drop, it is passing you by while you wait for a video of some dancing cat or whatever. And then you might realize how much of your life you spend on the Internet, when there is a whole wide world of endless miracles and adventure that is not on the Internet and has no load time for those who have the will to go out there and find it. Come to think of it, maybe 5 seconds is too long …

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