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Overcome Obstacles Like This Triple-Amputee

Monday got you down? Seems like it just never ends? Well, take a lesson from Corporal Todd Love. Corporal Love signed up to run the Spartan Race—a hyper-intense obstacle course designed to push people past the limits of what’s generally considered physically possible—with an eight-man team of his buddies. The race requires a tremendous amount of physical endurance and strength to complete, even if you have all your limbs. And after catching the ugly side of a blast in Afghanistan, Corporal Love only has one. But he didn’t let a little thing like that slow him down from covering 10.5 miles in five and a half hours, completing 75 obstacles with minimal help from his teammates and, according to him, “[pushing myself] in all things physical, proving that overcoming obstacles isn’t just something you attempt, it’s something that you embrace.” We probably should have put some sort of warning on this about how reading it might inspire you to achieve greatness light years beyond what you ever believed you could …

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