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Please Enjoy the Tragic Misadventure of a Couple Who Wanted a Guy Photoshopped Out of Their Photo

So, the setup here is simple. A girl named Ashley’s sister got engaged, and a photo was snapped of the happy proposal. It’s a solid, pretty photo, but there was one gripe—a conspicuous, shirtless fellow milling about in the background. Ashley’s sister wanted the guy photoshopped out, and that’s where this story takes a turn for the best, because Ashley put the photo on Facebook and asked for someone on the internet to help photoshop the image and boy oh boy, did the internet deliver.

It’s hard to know where to even begin with just how good this all got, but Bored Panda has compiled some of the standouts so let’s start with an obvious classic.

Mr. Bean made an appearance, dramatically improving the event.

This photoshop wizard seems to have gotten the instructions confused.

This one took it to a new level.

And one wizard pulled in one of 2017’s truly great memes.

While another decided to just photoshop everyone out. Well, almost everyone.

And this one got so close to getting it right.

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This guy recognized a work of art when he saw it.

Here’s a true masterpiece.

Truly, a testament to love in the digital age. Congratulations to the happy couple, and their friend.


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