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Can’t Let Go? A Theory On Love

Can’t Let Go? A Theory On Love

A scent triggers a memory, which then lingers around your heart. You hear a certain melody, which was embedded in the fibers of your soul long ago, and are transported back to the past. With the mention of an idea or an unexpected visit to a place, which was once full of dreams and life, or with a name, an object, a color, will come a bittersweet recollection. Passions that were lost and sleeping—slipping away into an emotional coma—awaken. Once you knew the joys and felt the completeness of two hearts coupled, but then you awakened to the understanding that you, as a unit, shall never be again. Eventually the cycle continues. Finally, you muster up enough strength to push the memory back into the subconscious from whence it came, prayerfully hoping that you do not have to face it again anytime soon.

What is this haunting that taunts the very foundations of your being? This phenomenon that churns in the souls of every individual at one time or another is the lingering effects of love. Love, in its true and proper form, is much more than the average individual realizes. Many see it as only a feeling, others a decision, still others an action. While these are all true, it is vitally important to understand that humanity’s concept of love is inseparably related to the three dimensional nature of life.

A man pays his bills, hugs his kids goodnight, ties his shoes every morning—in short, lives—in a personal understanding of three dimensions: distance, time and present.

Imagine a man holding a string. Each end of the string is tightly clasped between the thumb and middle finger of his left and right hand. Tension tightens the string as his hands move away from each other. Continue to view the string in your mind as I tell you that the string represents the history of man, from the beginning of time to the end of our existence. The line is decorated with sections representing events that have shaped the very foundations of countries, religions and your life. You exist on this line, right now in the present, but you also possess allotted time in the past and the future of this line. The idea is that in our existence, we have a point of origin and a point of departure, and between these points is the distance we travel.

It is also imperative to understand that man is composed of three parts: body, spirit and soul—all of which exist during the course of our three dimensional life. However, man’s spirit and soul are not confined to the same dimensions in which his body dwells. The soul (mind/will/emotions) and the spirit (breath of existence) have the awesome opportunity to dwell in the dimensions that the body will never know.

Love is a truth that lingers in dimensions not subject to time or distance. Love is not tied to the existence line of humanity. Our whole being (body/soul/spirit), however, does have access to love and is thoroughly involved in love. At the moment when love is born in one heart for another, something happens. Man breaks the barrier of his three dimensional life. With all of our mind, will, and emotions we grasp onto this understanding of love. The love we develop with one another then continues to be cultivated throughout the course of our lives, but it is still not subject to the course of life.

When the unfortunate occasion comes that two individuals no longer communicate with each other and their lives go separate ways, what becomes of the love? First there is anger, then hurt, then burial. The final destination, however, has not been reached. Love lingers in the song, in the smell, in the memory of times past. Love exists outside of time; the connection is made on a level that cannot be destroyed by the dimensions you are able to readily access right now. Years may pass, and new relationships will develop while others will end, yet the memory of each one is still affixed to your soul because it dwells in a dimension where you cannot change it.

Remember that love is a gift, and while I do say love wisely, I also say love freely, strongly and with eternal passion—for the connection you make will last beyond your lifetime.




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