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Making Valentine’s Day Simple

Making Valentine’s Day Simple

Valentine’s Day, a day of love, romance, passion … who am I kidding? Some guy (or possibly girl) made up a special day for our “special someone.” I’m down with that, I truly am, but it’s the propagation of the idea that if we don’t spend all our money on her, then we don’t really love her. It’s distressing to me. Recently I was at a jewelry store, and this guy told me, with total sincerity, he believes, “If you buy a cheap ring, you get a cheap relationship.” For you guys (and gals) tired of this ideology, here are a few ideas for this February 14



I don’t know what it is about flowers that melt a girl’s heart, but I just know they do. I like flowers, but they don’t affect me like that. Any flower is a good flower. It doesn’t have to be a bouquet of three-dozen roses, a white teddy bearwith aheart-shaped pillow and a box of chocolates. Go to a Kroger or Super Wal-Mart, and you can get good flowers for good prices.


I don’t think I need to tell anyone that candles set the mood. Whether it’s a nice elegant meal or just snuggling under a blanket talking all night, bring a candle or three. Guys, please spare yourselves the pain of going into one of those candle shops at the mall, where once you walk through the front door, you’re knocked down from the wall of aromas swirling in the air. Candles don’t have to be expensive or smell like a cappuccino to be nice; besides, why cover up your date’s smell that s/he tries so hard to perfect for you?


Two words: homemade dinner.Go to and learn how to make an entrée and a dessert. Itisn’t that hard. If need be,have your mom or a friend who can cook teach you what to do. I remember spending half a day on the Internet trying to find the perfect recipe for Fettuccini Alfredo, and it was worth every second of it just to see a smile on my girlfriend’s face. Fix up a nice meal, set up a suave little table and Shazamm!—a formal dinner for two.


This is probably the most important item on the list. However,I do stress one thing: Do not be creative in order to gain points or get on your date’s good side. Do it because you love her and you want to see her smile. Some options:Set up a dinner table and chairs out in the woods somewhere and have a meal, take her to a symphony, have a picnic if it’s warm out or make a snowman if it’s not. You can make her a wooden box, clay vase or anything, so long as it’s something from your heart.


Guys, here’s a tip: Girls like things from the heart that have meaning. Hopefully, you guys like that too. Spend time on whatever you’re doing. It’s easy to go out and spend 60 bucks on a bouquet and drop 100 bucks on some fancy dinner. It’s quick and good enough, and hey, isn’t that the American way? However, spending time on your date/girlfriend/fiancée/wife will let her know much you love and cherish her. It will take you away from your own personal television time, video gaming or golf, but what’s really more important?


This isn’t just for Valentine’s Day. Girls deserve to be treated like princesses; we’ve lost that in our culture. Holden Caulfield said it best in The Catcher in theRye: “There were about a million girls … You figured most of them would probably marry dopey guys.” Don’t be that dopey guy; be the one they deserve to have.

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