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The Redemption of Chad Ochocinco

As regular readers may remember, Miami Dolphin and multi-tasking romantic fool Chad Ochocinco is renowned for his touching engagement. His proposal to his soon-to-be bride was the stuff of legend: classy, understated and simultaneous to his Call of Duty playing, because he knows better than to let a little thing like marriage get in the way of his video game. But one thing nobody can say about Ochocinco is that he doesn’t know how to treat his fans. After a total stranger, @cheryl2958, tweeted him that she had recently lost her husband, the man straight up invited her to his wedding, is flying her out and putting her up for a few days. So, for those of you keeping track, Ocho is now a master of multi-tasking, romance and of making a genuinely kind gesture to a total stranger …

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