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We Asked, You Answered: The Worst Christian Excuses for Breaking Up You’ve Ever Heard

Break-ups happen every day. Sometimes it’s for compatibility reasons, sometimes for distance, or sometimes it’s for “religious” reasons.

Last week, we asked the Twitter-sphere to give us the worst, most cringe Christian excuses they’d ever heard for a break-up. The answers did not disappoint. You can check out the full list of cringed responses here, but we’ve included a few of our favorites below.

Was IM really the best option?

Then again, IM is better than this.

Of all the Biblical characters to be compared to…

Some of God’s ways are more mysterious than others.

The toughest one to bounce back from. Absolutely brutal.

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Someone else in their life? Are they aware of this?

We’re simply too stunned to speak!

Crazy how God always seems to speak to only one person in the relationship. 🤔

Not the yokes …not the yokes.

At least this time they didn’t blame it on God?

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