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Soar Away From Your Cares With This GoPro Video of a Bald Eagle’s View

There’s a lot to be stressed about in the world. The economy continues to struggle. Student debt is spiking to heretofore unimagined highs while the prospects for post-college work remain slim. Our political discourse has been replaced by a stream of cartoon banter punctuated with the language of the world’s dumbest pirate. Russia’s up to something.

But for just one minute, if you so choose, you can leave all those sorrows behind and soar away on an eagle’s wings.

Yes, you can briefly imagine that your problems are like those tiny trees, growing ever smaller as you arch your majestic wings and glide away.

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Of course, given the current rate of C02 production coupled with the global apathy about climate change fueled by billionaire oil oligarchies who sow doubt and fear about renewable energy in order to further line their own pockets before those pockets—and everything else on earth—sinks below the polar icemelt, this bald eagle can only fly away from so many problems before even she sinks beneath the waves.

But until then, lovely video.

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