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Someone Named ‘TipsForJesus’ Is Leaving Incredible, Anonymous Tips at Restaurants

After a few grim stories about religious people’s tips for servers (some of which are legit, some of which are not) here’s a pretty incredible story. Since about September, someone (or possibly more than one person) has been traveling the country, leaving incredible tips for servers at different restaurants. They’re calling themselves “TipsForJesus” but, other than that, leaves no clue as to who they might be. An Instagram account has taken to following the trail of receipts (which includes establishments in Chicago, Ann Arbor and L.A.) and, all told, estimates that TipsForJesus has left something like $54,000 for servers, leaving anywhere between a $500 tip to $10,000. The Eater notes that whoever it is has started using rubber “TipsForJesus” stamps to leave his, her or their mark wherever they dine. Fight on, Tips for Jesus. Oh, and also, now might be a very good time to consider applying for a job waiting tables …

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