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Teen Who Has Eaten Nothing But Instant Ramen for 13 Years Is a Tiny Humanitarian Crisis

Oh goodness, somebody, somewhere please, please do something for Georgi Readman, who is saying she’s eaten nothing but instant ramen since she was 5 years old That means there is a human being walking the planet right now whose body has literally not ingested a single molecule of actual sustenance since she was five years old. Readman says she can’t stand the texture of vegetables, which is probably what her poor, poor body is saying about the unending waterfall of sodium and poison she is dumping into her guts every single day. A doctor who treated her says that she “has the health of an 80-year-old” and another (who has only watched the case from a safe distance) says this torrential downpour of nutritional poison has probably had irreparable damage to Georgi’s vital organs and even her brain. But perhaps nobody has considered drastic measures like replacing her bed with vegetables or, at least, say, a bowl of cereal? A cup of juice? Anything at all besides instant ramen? …

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