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There’s A 2,000-Person Waitlist for a Designer’s Plain White T-Shirts

Good things come to those who wait, but in this case, those waiting are only receiving a plain white t-shirt. Worth it?

Designer AYR (that stands for All Year Round) is a women’s fashion startup known for a strong level of interaction with their customers. Jac Cameron, AYR’s co-founder and creative director, regularly uses Instagram to see what fans of the brand want them to produce. T-shirts kept coming up. So, Cameron went back to her team and they set about designing the perfect t-shirt, one that could be worn (say it with me!) all year round, be paired with a number of styles and occasions, and not shrink over time. (h/t Fast Company)

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After years—legit years—of back-and-forth design work, Cameron and team released the shirt today. The plain white t-shirts cost $55-65. Not terrible! Tickets for the band Plain White T’s probably cost about that nowadays, and these probably give you more value.

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