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This Insane Robot Doesn’t Even Need Eyes to Hunt You Down

The robots are making moves. We’ve seen robots climb stairs and navigate fairly complex spaces before, but this one, from MIT, can feel its way through the environment on touch alone, without the need for cameras or any sort of optical device. This is bad, friends. This is very bad. (h/t The Verge)

Called the Cheetah 3, this robot can leap and “gallop” across rough terrain, climb stairs and even right itself when knocked over toppled, without “eyesight.” That is nuts. That is freaky.

The robot uses sensors and algorithms to navigate. The technicians and engineers say we’ll be able to use it in spaces where the human eye would be insufficient or unreliable or simply unable to access, like deep inspections in power plants or other dangerous city work.

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At least, that’s what they say it will do. The Cheetah will probably be able to do other things, like prey upon us when we’re walking down the driveway in the early morning. Yeesh.

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