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You Can Take a Train Ride Across America for Under $300

Up for a little adventure?

A travel blogger named Derek Low has documented a pretty incredible trip—which takes you from San Francisco to New York—that could cost as little as $213.

For his journey, Low shelled out an extra $200 for a special rail pass that let him spend more time in cool cities across the country, but still, $429 isn’t a bad deal to see America.

Low has put together a photo journal of his trip (along with some maps like the one above), that he took back in 2011, but since his blog has gone viral again, he’s even started serving as sort of a train travel agent, offering to book people’s trips for about $50.

As Thrillist notes, there are some pretty incredible sites you can see along the way.

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Posted by Thrillist on Wednesday, March 8, 2017

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