This week we spotlight a great blues rock band, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. The LA-based band has a recent album out called “Specter At The Feast,” and we talk to them about the album and how they got their start playing rock n’ roll (note: it involves a tuba). Plus, we try to get a very famous guest to stop by (you’ll have to listen to find out if he does), plan out our Dove Award acceptance speeches (if we ever get an invite), and pay tribute to the blazing guitar work of The Nuge (insert your own punchline).

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What is your idea for a timely social or cultural Halloween costume?

Halloween is right around the corner, and so naturally, we’re busy planning out our party costumes. But instead of the traditional superhero or Jungle Bird outfit, this year we want to go in a different direction, and of course, we need your help. This week we want you to tell us your idea for a timely social or cultural Halloween costume.