On today’s podcast, the gang debates Jesse’s contribution to the podcast, discusses Colin Kaepernick’s settlement with the NFL and hears from Bethel’s Brian Johnson about his new book about his struggles with mental health.



1.Another Sky, “Apple Tree”

2.Foals, “On the Luna”

3.Glød, “Careless”

  1. Someone with way too much time on their hands spliced together snippets of about 40 inspirational speeches — from movies as diverse as Rudy, Braveheart, the Muppets, Goonies and Animal House — into one 2 minute segment. And it is AWESOME. I found it about 10 years ago and I still watch it to get myself fired up…even though the speech makes absolutely no sense. It’s better as video, but I think it still holds up as an audio clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6wRkzCW5qI

  2. My favorite new pick-me-up song I learned about thanks to you: Judah and the Lions’ “Quarter Life Crisis.” My long-term one is “Call Me Maybe”! The video just makes me laugh every time, and I think of it even when it’s just the audio.

  3. To the question of the week: When I’m feeling low I listen to parked out by the lake by Dean Summerwind. If you listen to it you’ll not understand, hate it, start to love it, and then play it at your funeral to let everyone know what you’ll be doing in heaven.

  4. Whenever I need a quick pick me up, I know I can always turn to good ‘ole Weird Al Yankovic. I go down the wild rabbit hole of his parodies and just can’t stop smiling and laughing. Just the look at his long curly hair and crazy facial expressions put me in my happy place. Also, the Disney radio station on Pandora makes me smile.

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