This week we feature two of our favorite people – talking to each other! Don Miller sits down with Bob Goff and talks to him about living a whimsical, adventurous life…even if you’re not Bob Goff. (A portion of this interview also appeared in our magazine.) Also, we Skype in our Internet correspondent, Jon Acuff, bring you the week’s news and entertainment, recap your desert island feedback and much more …


What would your sitcom pitch be?

Since NBC is asking viewers for sitcom ideas, we thought we’d ask you, our brilliantly creative podcast listeners, to send us your ideas for a comedy sitcom.

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  1. This is actually something I’ve been joking about with my family for a while. I’m a post-college graduate who is still looking for full-time work and, thusly, living with Mom and Dad again (yeah, I know…). The humor comes in with my better-than-average skills in technology and my parents’s complete lack of knowledge.

    The episodes would go something like this…
    epi 100, “Pilot”
    Theme: “Mom, website addresses don’t end with ‘'”
    Details: My Mom still hasn’t quite mastered the difference between URLs email addresses.

    epi 101
    Theme: Dad asks for my advice on what smart-phone he and mother should get. I suggest the iPhone because it’s simple enough for him to use. He doesn’t listen, and I spend the entire episode showing him and Mom how their new phones work.
    Details: My Dad always asks my advice on technological things, but he NEVER takes it.

    epi 102
    Theme: Part 2 of showing my parents how things work on their Samsung Galaxies.
    Details: Yep, they’re still asking me to show them how things work…

    epi 103
    Theme: There’s at least 3 ways to hang up a phone.
    Details: Somehow, my Mom manages to accidentally dial a number that she doesn’t recognize. She asks me what she should do, and I, occupied in another room, say she should hang up. She says she doesn’t know how. I tell her that it’s probably a red button with the picture of a hung up phone on it. She says she doesn’t see one and that she’s probably gonna end up talking to whoever picks up. I tell her to turn her phone off. Or pull out the battery… Mom resolves to talk to the stranger because maybe she’ll find out who it is. She proceeds to have an awkward conversation ending with the man on the other side saying, “Well, I don’t think my wife would like me talking to strange women on the phone.” My mother responds with, “Well, I don’t think my husband would like that either.” And I say, “THEN WHY ARE YOU DOING IT!?” (True story!)

    epi 104
    Theme: Fixing their broken Samsung Galaxies.
    Details: I suddenly become “Mr. Computer Expert” whenever my Dad’s technology breaks down. I wasn’t a good enough expert when I gave him my advice on what phone to buy, but I’m an expert now that it’s broken.

    Some days I figure I’ll run out of ideas for this sitcom, and other days my Mom asks me what Snapchat is and if she should get an account.

    ***NOTE: I love my Mom and Dad very much. They both have their own respective intelligences. My Dad is a wonderful singer and public speaker. My Mom is an excellent painter And both taught me to love Jesus and various arts. They just don’t know much about technology.***

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