This week we talk to Thrice frontman, Modern Post vocalist, solo artist and worship leader, Dustin Kensrue. Dustin’s new solo album, “The Water and the Blood” is out now, and if you haven’t heard it yet, check it out here. Plus, we get a listener to play Shauna in a game of “Indie Rock Band or College Mascot,” Cameron recaps his horrible birthday and we sing your favorite earworms…


What is your “intro song” and “theme song” and why?

The lights go down…the smoke rises…the crowd waits in anticipation…and then you make your entrance as the music fills the stadium. The question is, what is that intro song?

In another scenario, someone asks you to tell them your life theme song. It’s a very different song from your “intro song” … or is it?

This week we want to know your “intro song” and your “theme song” and why.