On today’s show, we talk with author and pastor Levi Lusko about his book I Declare War, and Annie finally embraces her true calling as a cowgirl extraordinaire.



1.Cut Copy, “Ocean Blue”

2.Your Smith, “Bad Smith (Japanese Wallpaper Remix)”

3.Kodak Black, “Calling My Spirit”

  1. Celebrity sighting: Last March my sisters and I went to New York City for a few days. We were walking to the bus station, down a quieter street near Times Square behind some of the theaters. There was not many people around but we saw a few people loitering by a big metal door. I felt like something big was about to happen so we slowed our pace down. Suddenly the door opened and a security guard and a tall man walked out of the door. The group surrounded the man and took pictures while the security guard tried to get him to his awaiting car. We didn’t have a good view of the guy’s face but all of a sudden I knew it was Hugh Jackman. I sputtered it out to my younger sister while I tried to get my phone. She turned to look and her jaw dropped and she said “shut up” in a dramatized tone. He was just getting into the car at this point and was now facing us. He looked at her and said, “no you shut up!” This may be a better story if you knew my sister, but we agreed this was one of the highlights of our trip and continue to share the story of how Hugh Jackman mocked my sister to whoever is willing to listen. What greater honour could be bestowed?

  2. Question of the Week – In the early 90’s I was a camp counselor at a Christian camp at a local college. The Christian band the Newsboys did a concert one night for the camp and they spent the night in the dorm with the counselors. Several of them asked me to drive them in my car late that night to McDonald’s which I did. It was here I learned that in Australia they order Double Macs (not Big Macs) which is two of everything that’ s on a Big Mac including 4 patties. They explained it to the cashier and they actually made the Double Mac’s for them. Don’t like Big Macs so never tried to order one myself.

  3. My attempt at listener of the week is curated especially for Jesse:

    1. I had to be stretchered off the field at a work kickball game
    2. At an overnight church event in high school I got a concussion so bad I could see my own forehead
    3. As a kid, we couldn’t have a diving board for our pool, so instead my parents let us have the “power tower”

    P.S. I wish Eddie was still on every week. I love you all, but there is nothing quite like an Eddie hot take 🙂

  4. My celebrity encounter. I know you’ve seen this because I heard it mentioned on the show when I sent it in last year.
    Anyway….I was working at FBC Tallahassee, after just graduating from college. While I was in the church’s family life center….(remember those?), in walked Prince and his entourage. They were playing Tallahassee that night, and he had some time to kill before the show. The church’s FLC had all of the amenities available, and he came in to shoot some pool. So….I got to show him around, and then got to shoot pool with him for awhile. Can’t even tell you who won, (which probably meant he did, because if I had beaten Prince I would have remembered that). We just chatted in general and especially about football. He wore purple because he was a Vikings fan, and so is my dad because he was born in Minnesota too. So we talked about the Vikings….weird huh?
    So…other than occasionally running some with the winner of the second season of “Survivor”, Tina Wesson, and eating at Bobby Bowden’s house, AND having a couple of….uummm drinks with a top ten Miss America, Prince was my most famous celebrity encounter.

    -Kal Busman

  5. Memorable Celebrity Encounter (Matthew McConaughey)

    I played college baseball at UT and Matthew McConaughey came to practice one day. He hung out and watched practice for a while, then he JOINED US for wind sprints at the end of practice! The best part is that he only ran a few…then called it good.
    My teammates and I baited him into a few Dazed and Confused quotes, “alright alright alright” and “party at the moon tower.” I can also confirm that he does not wear deodorant!

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