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On today’s show, we talk with author and Bible teacher Francis Chan about his trip to the Holy Land and his powerful new video series on the book of Mark. The gang also discusses the controversial new Gillette ad, Chris Pratt’s Daniel Fast, Kanye’s new church project and a ton a more!



1.Sharon Van Etten, “Seventeen”

2.SYML, “Clean Eyes”

3.Drake, “God’s Plan”

  1. My dad sometimes preached the Sunday night message at a rescue mission in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The rule for the homeless guests was that they could not interrupt the service at all, if they wanted to eat the free dinner afterwards.

    One Sunday night, there was a loud thud. The pews were not bolted to the floor, and one had completely fallen over backward with all of its occupants. My dad reports that none of them moved out of fear of losing their free dinner. There was a whole row of people’s shoes and knees.

  2. I was visiting a church in Fayetteville, AR where I was attending the University of Arkansas and the pastor was announcing upcoming church events. The church was hosting a Halloween event where college students could paint pumpkins and then take them to the shooting range and destroy them with a shotgun. The pastor couldn’t resist the opportunity for some improv stand-up and said, “only 3 groups of people you can’t paint the pumpkin to look like… a member of the church staff, any of the Razorback coaching staff, or any Virginia Tech students”. This was only months after the horrible shooting in Blacksburg. The audience sat in complete silence as the pastor realized what a horrible thing he said. Never went back to the church to see how the church responded.

  3. QOTW: During my high school youth group’s summer camp one year the girls were getting ready for a girls only activity with some of our female leaders. While we were waiting to get started our male youth pastor came in to chat with us and decide to make it a purity chat. He started out with “sex usually lasts anywhere between 5 minutes and an hour”. I have no idea what he said after that. I think my brain shut down due to how uncomfortable we clearly all felt.

  4. Pastoral Cringe Moment

    My dad was a youth pastor in Ohio and led the high school youth choir. One year, the high school choir was given the high honor of singing at the sunrise service for Palm Sunday. It would be a very challenging arrangement with lots of tight harmonies and musical storytelling of the entire life of Jesus, all interspersed with narrations. The narrations would, of course, be spoken by my dad. They rehearsed and rehearsed in order to be ready–Sunday night rehearsals, Wednesday night rehearsals, coming in on extra Saturday mornings all to rehearse their big Palm Sunday opening number.

    Finally the big day came. Everyone arrived 5:00 AM sharp for their sound check. Everyone, except the sound guy. He strolled in around 5:45 right along with all the little old men and ladies (who are the only people who ever go to sunrise services.) This would mean they needed to do the song without a soundcheck.

    No problem, except for one little thing….

    The song began with a narration. My dad stepped up to the solo microphone to deliver the opening line, “It’s an age old question: Where’s Jesus?”

    Well, he got the first part out, “It’s an age old question…”, only to realize his microphone was not on. So, he made the quick decision that he would take a deep breath to project his voice and fill the two-thousand seat auditorium without the help of a microphone.

    He made this decision at the same time the sound guy realized what was happening and turned my dad’s microphone on. Not just on, but all the way on to full volume.

    “WHERE’S JESUS???!!!” was said to be heard ringing out in all the surrounding churches that Palm Sunday morning. The entire congregation of little old men and women jumped and sat up straight for the rest of the song.

  5. At a church I used to attend, the pastor got fairly flustered and then stopped mid-sermon to ask a high school couple in the front row to stop holding hands. They were pretty humiliated and stopped coming for awhile.

  6. One Sunday we had a visiting pastor speaking and he was preaching on the glory of heaven. We chuckled a little when he said he and his wife had planned on meeting at the Eastern gate when they got there ( assuming they would have a choice), but we were horrified when he tried to apply that glory to earth. “We should all give a clap of worship…we all got two hands.” He paused and made awkward eye contact with one of the men on the front row before adding sheepishly “Unless you only got one hand.” Our chair of deacons is one armed and thankfully good natured.

  7. So…I worked for a church in England for several years that had strong ties with America. We held a missions conference for the church and some of our pastors from America came over. One was preaching enthusiastically on stage and was telling a story in which he said, “And I knew I deserved to be spanked.” Now, spank has a very different meaning in the UK, a very NSFW sexual meaning, and the congregation gasped and laughed in shock. But he thought they’d thought his comment was just normal funny, so he played into it. “Spank me! Bad boy! Spank me!” he shouted a few times while smacking himself in the butt – in as innocent a manner as you can possibly do that, and the laughs increased. But then he looked down at the front row to see the other pastors and us staff wide-eyed, saying, motioning, begging him to stop. He then looked back around the room and realized he’d read it wrong. The message barely recovered.

  8. Cringy for good hearted reasons – I was in my early teens at the 1st night of revival,and in the pew in front of me was our organist and choir leader. The organist, and older woman, kept falling asleep on the choir director shoulder waking up to her own snores! I got the giggles but was trying to stay composed in the sanctuary so I dropped my head in my lap and apparently the revival guest preacher thought that I was moved by the spirit and was sobbing. He came up to me afterwards to tell me how beautiful it was to see a young person so moved by God on the 1st night of revival and he asked me if I was OK I said yes and ran!

  9. So most of my cringeworthy pastor stories involve my dad. Mostly because all kids cringe when they’re parents publicly do something silly. Well my dad was giving a talk at our church camp and was telling a story-that I’m sure had a very deep and profound meaning-about a man in a boat. There were dolphins around the boat jumping in and out of the water and this man reached out and touched the dolphins. However, my father, who often uses weird terms without realizing how they sound, and who also gets very energetic when teaching, began shouting “AND HE WAS JUST WHACKIN THE DOLHPIN! JUST WHACKIN IT!” He probably said this 5 or 6 times and all of the other teachers in the back were rolling! I think it went over most of the kids’ heads, but the adults were in stitches. Best part? Bob Smiley was up next and heard it all. He later told the director of our camp that he had told several of his comedian friends this story and wanted to use it in his routine, but didn’t want to without my dad’s permission. Needless to say, I was mortified; and to this day, it is still the story brought up most often by all of us when reminiscing on memorable moments at SE.

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