On this week’s podcast we talk to Isaac Slade of The Fray about the band’s new album, “Helios.” Plus, we reach out to a listener in hopes of better understanding soccer (guess how that turns out), a bunch of you call in to play Cameron in a 25th anniversary Seinfeld game, Chad returns from paternity leave (so things get back to “normal”), Eddie gives us a Cats update, we read your feedback and so much more.


What would you do to improve soccer?

Since the World Cup started, Jesse (and Eddie, but mostly Jesse) has used his podcasting platform to ridicule both the game and its fans. So this week we invited a soccer-enthused listener on the show to help us better understand the game and (hopefully) gain a better appreciation for its beauty.

It didn’t really work.

So this week we need you to help us create a better game. Tell us, what would you do to make the game of soccer more enjoyable…more watchable…and just more entertaining for the entire world to both play and watch?