Bring in the New Year with the entire podcast crew as we all come together in our brand new studio for one of the most fun (and chaotic) episodes we’ve ever recorded. While this is unlike typical episodes (you’ll notice the absence of a featured guest), we wanted to start 2015 off in style. So grab your favorite beverage, throw a log on the fire, jump in the car for a long drive and enjoy listening to what happens when all 7 podcasters find themselves under the same roof. Spoiler alert: prepare to laugh. A lot.

  1. The worst Christmas present I received occured when I was 10. For a little background, there are 20 grandkids on my dad’s side of the family (think big loud Chicago Italian family). Even so, my grandma always bought each of us kids a little something every Christmas and to be fair she always tried to get all the boys of the same age “similar” items and all the girls of the same age “similar” items. So when I was 10, grandma decided that radios would be a good gift for the boys elementary school age boys (about 4 of us). Additionally, she decided to get each of us a different looking radio. My cousin who was closest to my age received a handle held sports radio (very cool at the age of 10). I, however, received a weather alert radio. Basically, it could pick up only weather alerts. I was very confused and sad. Yet, for some reason, I decided to plug it in when I was home and forgot about it until several months later when there was a Tornado watch at about 2am and the thing started beeping like crazy, waking my entire family as we searched for what was making the loud beeping noise. My dad threw the radio away that night.

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