On the episode this week, John Mark and Sarah McMillan perform two songs from their new album “You Are the Avalanche” in the studio. We also hear from best-selling author Thom Rainer about his new book, and Shauna and Joy are finally on the show at the same time.


What are some creative Halloween costumes for the cast?

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  1. This idea would involve group participation. The members of the podcast/friends could dress up as The Floridian Apocalypse — inspired by things/creatures/animals/people that are infamously Floridian. Such as Wild Snakes, Leprous Armadillos, Crocodiles, Sink Holes, Carrot Top, Geriatrics, Prison Escapees, Loose Bears, Bath Salt Zombie, etc… So many etceteras.

    Bonus Idea: Cameron somehow combines all of these things into one costume.

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