On this week’s podcast, the legendary John Tesh joins us for what might go down in podcast history as our favorite interview of all time. We don’t know if Mr. Tesh feels the same way, but it doesn’t matter … we spent nearly an hour talking to The Tesh about his career, music, faith, Yanni, Howie Mandel, and the greatness that is #TESHsays. Oh and at one point, The Tesh brakes into a rap. That’s right, John Tesh raps. We could go on, but seriously just stop reading this and start listening to this week’s show. You won’t be disappointed!

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When have you seen parents crossing the line and going too far for their kids?

We’ve all seen it happen, or heaven forbid, we’ve been there ourselves: young, cool, out in public … and with our parents. And for whatever reason our parents decided to cross a line and do something to completely embarrass us in front of our friends, our peers, or just anyone in the general vicinity. So this week we want to know your most embarrassing parents-crossing-the-line-for-you story. Don’t hold back…just look at this as your way of enacting revenge for that embarrassing moment.