On the episode this week, we talk with Jon Foreman of Switchfoot about his new solo music “The Wonderlands” and hear from Misfit NYC pastor, Chris Durso. Also, Joy does what she does best and gives advice to listeners on how to take a normal patriotic party and “crank it to 11.” This episode is sponsored by Fracture and Stamps.com.

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  1. Cameron flies to Virginia and he, Jesse and Joe the Neighbor find a Karaoke bar (not that they would be participating with the heathens in that drinking thing. Only Diet Coke or possibly Diet Pepsi to drink.) and have Jesse sing the Nickelback catalog with Cameron and Joe the Neighbor singing backup. I mean I’m sure he still knows all the words to the songs, it’s like a second laguage to him now. Then after Jesse is finished with his Nickelback tribute concert, wearing, of course, his Affliction t-shirt and studded pocket jeans, the Nickelback trio will then go with Jesse to pickout the best Nickelback tatoo that will remind him of the best night of his life. Afterwards the trio will go back to Joe the Neighbors house and talk about cases of bananas, holes in his yard and he will tell them where he buried Hoffa. The evening needs to be documented by video and Instagram.

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