On today’s show, we talk with author and reporter Jonathan Merritt about the sexual abuse scandal unfolding in the Southern Baptist Convention—and how to prevent abuse in the future.

That gang also discusses the new faith-inspired single from John Legend, the Christine Caine teaching that has changed Chris Pratt’s life, the upcoming Breaking Bad movie and a lot more!

  1. #EQOTW: Most mornings I drink my coffee out of one of the standard issue mugs that came with our dishes. On weekends and other days off, I drink my coffee out a different mug (usually ones I received as gifts). I let this serve as a visual reminder that those mornings are a little more relaxed. I also cannot drink my coffee out of too large of a mug because I feel it allows the beverage to cool too quickly.

  2. 3 Facts for Listener of the Week

    1. I drove my neighbors car into my parents house when I was 12. (I still maintain it was not my fault)
    2. I had moved 12 times by the time I was 16 (not a military family) – 8 different schools.
    3. I suffered nerve damage in both legs and couldn’t walk unassisted for a month after I had my son last year…total bummer.

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