This week we talk to former NFL Quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Kurt Warner, who has a new show on USA called “The Moment.” The show gives ordinary people the opportunity to realize their dreams and rewrite their life stories. We also talk to Page CXVI, a great band that is making hymns accessible and known again. Plus, Tom Cruise, our NCAA basketball recap and the terrifying return of Petman.

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What things should we boycott?

Cameron has taken on the personal challenge of boycotting everything that has to do with Tom Cruise, from his movies to hilarious Youtube clips. Jesse wants to boycott fruit in salad (but not fruit salad). Maya is boycotting the sport of hockey. And Tyler is boycotting the decision to pair Chuck Taylors with formalwear. Since Christians seem to do a pretty good job of boycotting things, it made us wonder what else we should be boycotting. So our question to you this week is simple: what things should we start boycotting?